BryTech Crypto Solutions was founded in 2019, months prior to Covid-19’s effects on the world. During the pandemic, we grew from an idea to a startup with passive revenue being generated. At BryTech CS, we prepare our clients for the unimaginable when dealing with cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to onboard and educate our clients so that they can take charge of their own life. Embracing crypto will change your perspective on numerous fronts. We aim to provide excellent education and mentorship at affordable rates, unlike other crypto groups.

Michael Bryan, Founder and CEO

Michael Bryan is a Junior at his university and is studying for his B.S. degree in Software Engineering. Three main attributes that describe his ethos are superior customer service, unwavering quality, and attention to detail. His driven attitude encourages him to improve upon each one of these aspects.

Michael served in the United States Marine Corps as a Radio Technician and later as a Marine Security Guard (MSG) for a total time of seven years. During this time, his military service taught him how to first be critical of one’s self so that he may properly lead junior Marines by example. His career allowed him to travel far and wide, both domestically and abroad.